Social Media Manager in Teesside

Social Media Manager in Teesside

Business Goes Social

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Business goes social in a big way, and there is so many platforms to choose from, and to work with, if you was/has chosen to be on a few platforms, and is working on your own social / online business, platforms, plus doing the business part of your company we offer an out let.

We can manage the online platforms for you, or help in other ways to take some of that burden away from you, so you can put more into doing the business you do, and we take care of the rest and you having that bit more time. We can manage your social media for you.

We are a Teesside business, working from Billingham, you will find us to be friendly honest and helpful we don’t mind a chat if that’s all you want, we hope the chat is of an advantage for you and your company and we give you the right answer your looking for, because that’s how we are.

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facebook Fan/Business Pages
Banners with clickable LINKS
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Your offer page/website/local listing for News Feeds on facebook
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Business Goes Social

Taken care of other companies businesses and helping with their social media campaign’s is what we can do and you can be assured all will be taken care of in the way you want it, as with you we to work on trust.

We has your social media manager, can and will communicate with organisations’ customers and clients through social media platforms, and any other online business channels on your behalf.

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