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Hello and welcome to the Ads 4 Local Business listing page we are a online business directory, come online marketing advertising agents for the Teesside and Tees Valley area’s and our only aim is to please you the customer / client.

Our main aim is to get the smaller businesses in the Teesside – Tees Valley area’s more exposure on the internet, and if that be via our business directory you can be assured that you will have a good web presence, we have a Free listing and paying listings please do look them over.

My name is Colin Jeffrey I work from the Billingham area of Teesside, and have been doing online advertising for 8 plus years. I enjoy what I do and do keep up to date with all the SEO, needs for indexing the directory itself and a lot more.
Internet marketing for our Teesside areas can be quite daunting if you wish to do it all yourself. So, all in all my message is get onto all the business directories with in the Teesside areas, not forgetting the likes of the social networks.

We at Ads 4 Local Business used to have a saying ..


We at Ads 4 Local Business are a GOOD Bet
To get your local business found in the interNET ..
Now we say this:
iTz nice to be on page ONE of Google
But we have the knack to get you seen everywhere.

With our paid listings, you will be invited to our facebook group page where you will always be kept up to date with anything new Google decides to change (Or) training on setting your own SEO up for your web listing Or web page that you have.

The group its self is classed has a referral group where each member is encouraged to network with each other either online via the facebook group or face to face thus each of us hopefully picking up good leads.

We can put your premium listing together for you if you wish, I.E. We will do all the hard work for you, thus putting your listing in a position of gain, we will set it up so that its easy to read and that the search engines find your content, thus hopefully you getting work from your listing on the directory.

With the paid listings you can Or we can add coupons to your advert so that your customer see’s your offers thus getting them leads. If you was wanting a Free listing on the business directoy please do follow this link in the photo here.
Online Business Directories do come up very GOOD on the search engines
We say get on this one and get on the others too
Below is advice to take notice of even if you don’t join up with us for free, you must look at the other directories to the likes of Google and many more top platforms.
As part of a comprehensive local marketing plan, creating at least basic listings in free local online directories is a must-do, even though it will eat up some of your valuable time.
Free business listing sites increase your company’s online exposure and help improve your local search ranking results in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Depending on your business, some may be more relevant than others, but you should at least work your way through THEM.

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