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iTz Me is an online business card (Or) as on technical terms we call them e-business cards, so yes all your business, – C V, portfolio, is online, and having an online presence is a must these days.

So yes perfect for new starters, but already established businesses that want that bit more iTz just perfect.


With the iTz Me online cards you have that bit more in lines of communicating with new and already established clients and business associates.

Its simply a better way to connect because of the convenience and powerful features that allow you to instantly convey much more interactive detail with anyone!


Very Cool Features

No matter what you wish to present, we’ve made it simple for you to do so. Whether its a simple business card, an




*Business (or) *Service* CV

you can do it all very easily with iTzMe!


*Clean Design

Every iTzMe Card has a clear & stylish presentation. The format exists of 4 simple sections: (1) Title/Header, (2) Profile Image, (3) Content Tabs (4) Social Media.

* Very customizable

You can control the content of your card to suit yourself. The Header/Title and Profile image sections can be displayed or hidden, and you can choose whatever other aspects of content you wish to display.

*Dropdown Tabs

Each tab controls content that is smoothly revealed via an accordian style drop down panel so that the viewer is presented with the contents without any page reloads or clunky mechansism.

* Image Gallery

Upload multiple images which display in a carousel and pop out into a scrollable lightbox.
Video Gallery

Feature multiple YouTube & Vimeo videos which display in a carousel and pop out into a lightbox. Great for featuring latest projects or introductory videos

* Audio Gallery

Upload up to 10 mp3 files or list externally hosted mp3s which display in a carousel and play when clicked. Great for artists and musicians or featuring podcasts.

*Utility Pages

These pages allow you to use the custom editor to create rich editable text, feature PDF files, and images, and then rename the tab to whatever you want it to be,.. such as *Resume/CV, *Portfolio, *Events, *Seminars, *Latest News, *About, *Promotion, etc.

*Featured Website

Simply paste in the URL of any website that you wish to feature, and our software will take a thumbnail snapshot of the website and feature it inside the tab and make it active so as to call it into the brower when clicked.


Your idea’s and want’s

Have a look at this example you will see most if not all of the features are used: Please click on the picture below, you will find that the set up is for mobiles, so if you open on a PC it will sit differently thus iTz made perfect for mobile useage, all our future customers and clients all have mobile as well as our retained customers.




The iTzMe™ platform is custom coded using a minimalist structure that ensures fast loading pages and instant fluid control.

The engine and database that drive the system can handle complex processing of millions of records to deliver almost instant front end performance.

iTzMe™ platform is hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud for optimum performance and reliability.

Please do visit the site for more information
Phone for more details:
07895 106 518

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